lol, im starting work next week and i feel like going on a two week holiday to another country….this whole month i was like…nah! im comfortable on me BUT…..

stupid girl…

stupid girl…

  • What's it like having adhd? Well, I'll tell you.
  • Imagine you're at your computer writing an important report that's due first thing tomorrow morning and that was assigned to you last week.
  • As you put the first word on paper, you realize that you have to pee.
  • You get up and go into the bathroom.
  • As you walk to the toilet, you realize that you forgot to close the bathroom door.
  • You turn and close the door.
  • As you continue to the toilet, you wonder if maybe you forgot to lock the door behind you.
  • You turn and push the 'lock' button, only to realize that the door is already locked.
  • Then, you look back to the toilet, but catch your face in the mirror. 'Ew,' you think, 'do I really look that tired, it's only 8pm'. You get a glance at your watch and realize that it is in fact midnight, and you had spent several hyperfocused hours on tumblr before writing you're report.
  • The time loss concerns you for a second, but you still look exhausted in the mirror, you'll have to fix that.
  • You fix your hair, adjust your clothes, put on some make up, get bored with the make up, break out last years Halloween make up, make your face look like a zombie, laugh at your zombie face, wash off your zombie face, put your normal makeup back on, and do your hair once more.
  • Then, looking fabulous, you walk out of the bathroom and resume your writing.
  • As you sit at your desk, you realize something, the suns coming up, and you still have to pee.

Ignorant idiot: (british accent) Are you not hot in that Burka?

Me: nah, nigger i got air condition underneath this. 


walks my way

Umm, even if you dont beleive i have ADHD….it’s still gonna affect me in my everyday life so um….wait?…what is this thing in my pocket….ITS A CAN! Let me read the label for you…..oh it says, i  don’t care about your opinion….hmmm

No one litsened no one trusted my instict, but i asked Allah to shoew me and he did. Now he has revealed you and im making dua that he reveals you to everyone too, to protect me from being stuck with you forever. Mag Allah protect me and my deen. Allahumma ameen (personal but i can only express it in tumblr)

"…but your Muslim brother is not safe from you?"


Sufyaan ibn Husayn said:

“I mentioned something bad about a man in the presence of Iyaas ibn Mu’aawiyah who looked at me and said: ‘Have you fought against the Romans?’ I said: ‘No.’ He said: ‘What about Sind and India and Turkey?’ I said: ‘No.’ He said: ‘Rome, Sind, India, and Turkey are all safe from you but your Muslim brother is not safe from you?!’ Sufyaan ibn Husayn said: ‘I never did that again.’”

(Al-Bidayah wa an-Nihayah 13 /121)


We must be strong women in this dunyah.
Strong in the we know our rights & fulfill our obligations. So that we don’t let anyone cross the line or try to force us to do what we don’t have to do.
It’s perfectly fine to be nice and sweet, but the minute someone tries to force you to do something that Allaah azza wa jalla from all the way above the seven skies did not make obligatory on you, you show them who’s boss.

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Starting tommrow inshaaAllah

gym: mon,wed,thur,fri,sat

swimming: tue,thur

ima kill my self but ima look gud!